Top Places to Visit in Fort Smith, Arkansas

Looking for something fun to do in the area? Check out these top places to visit in Fort Smith!

Miss Laura’s Visitor Center

Nothing says fun like visiting the only former bordello on the National Register of Historic Places! Fort Smith was a happening place in the days of the Old West and this building was located in the infamous Red Light District. These days, its role is a little more wholesome—it serves as Visitor Center.

Fort Smith Trolley Museum

The best kind of museum is the interactive type. This trolley museum features a real, restored trolley upon which you can hitch a ride and travel from Garrison Avenue to the National Cemetery. If that doesn’t seem exciting enough, check out the live reenactment of a trolley robbery at the museum!

Fort Smith Air Museum

Located at the Fort Smith Regional Airport Terminal, the Fort Smith Air Museum contains 64 different display cases. Each shares its own story of the many aviators, be them military or civilian, who have hailed from the area.

Belle Grove Historic District

This historic district, comprising 22 square blocks, has been very well preserved by the Belle Grove Historic District Commission. It is a beautiful area that has been on the National Register since 1973. There are four different homes in the neighborhood that are open to visitors. Find them here!

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