Over One Million Vehicles with Honda Sensing in the U.S.

Most vehicular accidents are caused by human error. That is why the automotive industry is working hard to create innovative technology and safety features.

For Honda, this help comes in the form of its Honda Sensing® suite of active safety features. Just this year, Honda reached a new milestone with over one million vehicles with Honda Sensing® on the road in the United States. This is a monumental achievement since Honda Sensing® was only available as an option starting with the 2016 model year.

2018 Honda Accord Interior with Honda Sensing® suite of active safety featuresWith the release of 2022 model year vehicles, Honda Sensing® will be standard equipment on all Honda models. Honda is already well on its way to this goal — 69% of 2018 models are equipped with Honda Sensing®.

“Honda dreams of a collision-free mobile society and the Honda Sensing technology has a crucial role to play in advancing us toward that goal,” said Henio Arcangeli, Jr., senior vice president of the American Honda Automobile Division & general manager of the Honda brand.

Honda Sensing® comes with a variety of active systems that help warn you of potential collisions, and, in some cases, take corrective action to try to avoid a collision.

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