Serial One, the First Honda Imported to US, Begins Journey to Restoration

The history of Honda automobiles in the United States started back in 1969, the summer of love. There couldn’t have been more appropriate an era to see the arrival of the Honda N600. That’s because the N600 was different.

It was light on emissions and highly fuel-efficient; in other words, definitely not a square. By today’s standards, it was quite small. In fact, the N600 was nearly three feet shorter than the average car at the time and weighed in at around half the weight of the best-selling vehicle in 1969.

Unbelievably, the very first Honda N600 to be imported into the United States was recently discovered in a junk yard. Neglected for almost five decades, this historic model has begun the journey to full restoration. Honda has dubbed it Serial One.

The automaker has subsequently handed the project to one Tim Mings, a highly reputable restoration specialist. He will spend a year to year and a half restoring the N600. Honda will be documenting the exciting process here.

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