2018 Honda Accord and Odyssey Make “10 Best Family Cars” List

Honda Accord

When shopping around for the perfect family vehicle, potential buyers are often looking for reliability, space, and safety. Publications like Parents magazine and Edmunds.com understand the concerns of these buyers, and that’s why they release an annual list of the “10 Best Family Cars.” On the “10 Best Family Cars 2018 List” announced in June and published in the July issue of Parents magazine, both the all-new 2018 Honda Accord and Odyssey were recognized.*

To determine this year’s list of awardees, the staffs at Parents magazine and Edmunds.com carefully evaluated 300 vehicles. They considered family-friendly features, like safety ratings and car seat installation, and general features, like overall driving comfort, fuel efficiency, and affordability. Both the 2018 Accord and Odyssey excelled in these tests. The midsize Accord offers exceptional driving dynamics and handling, tons of standard safety features thanks to the advanced Honda Sensing® suite, and a spacious interior that allows everyone to sit comfortably. The Accord is also sleek and sophisticated, ensuring that your family will arrive in style.

The Odyssey has been a family favorite for decades and was entirely redesigned for the 2018 model year. With the redesign, Honda further elevated the Odyssey’s performance and interior technologies and designed the cabin to be spacious and comfortably quiet. The new Odyssey also offers CabinWatch™, which is the industry’s first in-vehicle rear-seat camera and allows you to keep an eye on the kids without having to turn around, and available Honda Sensing® to give you additional peace of mind while transporting your family.

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* Edmunds.com, June 2018

*Parents, July 2018

Have Fun on a Budget with the “10 Coolest New Cars Under $20,000 for 2018”

Just because you have a tight budget, doesn’t mean you don’t want something cool. If you are shopping for a new car and want to stay under $20,000, we have some great news. Both the 2018 Honda Civic and Fit were named to Kelley Blue Book’s list of “10 Coolest New Cars Under $20,000 for 2018.”*

This recognition is given out to vehicles that are not only affordable, but also offer great features, versatility, style, comfort, and a bit of fun.

The 2018 Honda Civic was named one of the top 10 coolest new cars under $20,000The Civic received high praise for its well-rounded nature and the fact that it is available as either a sedan or coupe. KBB editors were also impressed with its abundant technology, practicality, fuel economy, and overall fun-to-drive personality.

For the Fit, Kelley Blue Book’s editors noted, “This diminutive hatchback has a feature called the Magic Seat that gives the interior space and versatility that rivals that of a small SUV. The combination of practicality and pep at an affordable price makes the Fit a hard car to resist.”

The 2018 Honda Fit was named one of the top 10 coolest new cars under $20,000

Another benefit to both the Civic and Fit is the availability of advanced safety features even on the base trim levels. The CVT-equipped Fit comes standard with adaptive cruise control, lane departure warning and intervention, and forward collision warning with emergency automatic braking. These features are available on the Civic as part of the Honda Sensing package.

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* For more information, visit KBB.com. Kelley Blue Book is a registered trademark of Kelley Blue Book Co. Inc.

2019 Honda Insight Makes Official Debut

The New York International Auto Show saw the introduction of quite a few vehicles, but none stood out quite like the 2019 Honda Insight. The new hybrid sedan features a set of amenities that few competitors can match. The addition of the Honda Insight fills the role of premium compact sedan in the automaker’s lineup.

“The Insight is another symbol of a new era in the evolution of Honda electrified vehicles, where customers can have everything they want with no compromises,” said Henio Arcangeli, Jr., senior vice president of American Honda Motor Company, Inc.

The Honda Insight will be slotted between the Honda Civic and Accord. The sedan rides on the Civic platform, but features a longer wheelbase. Strategic battery positioning results in a larger trunk and more legroom.

The all-new model boasts the latest of Honda’s two-motor hybrid system. Total output comes to 151 horsepower and 197 lb-ft of torque. Three selectable driving modes, Normal, Econ, and Sport, enable you to customize your experience. Steering-wheel-mounted deceleration selectors also allow you to choose between three levels of regenerative braking.

The 2019 Honda Insight will be produced at Honda’s Greensburg, Indiana plant. The hybrid battery will be produced at the Marysville Auto Plant in Ohio. The Anna, Ohio plant will build the 1.5-liter four-cylinder engine.

To learn more about the 2019 Honda Insight and to test drive any one of Honda’s incredible models, visit Floyd Traylor Honda for a test drive.

Honda Odyssey Built-In Vacuum Holds Up to Strongest Vacuum Competitors

Honda Odyssey built-in vacuum

The Honda Odyssey built-in vacuum available in the highest trim level, the EX-L Touring Elite, has been getting rave reviews since the 2017 Odyssey was introduced. The vacuum, made by Shop-Vac, is a complete vacuum with tools and a 16-foot hose, and it can run indefinitely with the van turned on, or for 8 minutes on the battery alone.

Consumer Reports tested the Odyssey vacuum to see how it held up against other well-known hand vacuums. They found that the Odyssey does just as well as the competitors, which were all corded vacuums that have to be plugged into a wall plug. The Odyssey was at least as quick as the others at cleaning up different kinds of spills and messes including pet hair, cereal, and sand.

With the Odyssey’s vacuum, it’s easily stowed in its appropriate storage place and doesn’t require an outside power source. This is incredibly handy on long road trips especially, when spills are common and parents might not have easy access to or room for a handheld vacuum. The Odyssey vacuum’s efficiency and practicality set it apart.

Consumer Reports came to the right conclusion when it found that the Odyssey vacuum is definitely worth the cost of the EX-L Touring Elite trim—especially given all the other features you get with this highest trim level.

Back to College Road Trip Driving Safety Tips

college road trip

If you or your child is going back to college this year and you’re taking a long road trip with a car packed full of stuff, you need to keep some safety tips in mind. We’ve put together some things to remember about back to college road trips.

When you’re packing to go back to school, avoid cramming the car full. For one, it isn’t especially safe or comfortable to drive like this. For another, you’re probably in a small dorm room and you won’t have room for all of it anyway. Freshmen, take note! Take what you need right away. If there are things you won’t need for a couple of months, leave them at home and have your parents send them to you or get them when you’re on a break from school.

Before you leave, thoroughly check the car. Make sure your oil levels are fine, your tire pressure is good, and your lights are working. Especially if you’re keeping the car on campus with you, you want it to be in good shape.

If it’s farther away than a couple of hours, take breaks while driving, and stay hydrated and fed. You’ll need to have energy when you get to school and start lugging boxes up flights of stairs, so don’t exhaust yourself on the drive!