Best Road Trips in Arkansas

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As the weather warms up you might be wondering–what are the best road trips to take in the self-proclaimed “Natural State”? Here are some suggestions.

Sylamore Scenic Byway

Made up of Highways 5 and 14 as well as a Forest Service Road, this scenic route takes you into the heart of the Ozark National Forest and through beautiful Stone County.

Ozark Highlands Scenic Driveway

Take Highway 21 up through the Ozark National Forest to find yourself surrounded by stunning natural views. Approximately 1.2 million acres of untouched woods await you in this national park.

Highway 103 from Clarksville to Oark

Head through timber land and family-owned cattle farms to experience a bit of the scenic country life on this route, and if you want to make a day of it, go canoeing or hiking in the Wolf Pen Recreation Area in Oark.

Boston Mountains Scenic Drive

Get on Highway 71 and head all the way up to beautiful Fayetteville; it’ll take you through mountainous scenery and to a secluded, relaxing spot where you can get away from it all.

Arkansas Highway 23

From Elm Park to the Missouri state line to Ozark and Eureka Springs, Highway 23 is lauded among natives as the scenic and beautiful “Pig Trails.” Check out any of the many towns along the way for a visually stunning, cozy day trip.

In Arkansas, there are plenty more scenic routes and stunning highways besides the ones we’ve listed above. Why not take one of these trips in a brand-new ride from Floyd Traylor Honda?

Places to Visit in Arkansas

Summer may be coming to an end here soon but Arkansas still has plenty of amazing places to visit! From scenic hot spots to trails that lead to unforgettable places, this state if full of natural scenery and wildlife you’ll never forget. Here are a few fantastic places to visit in Arkansas.

  • Whitaker Point Trail – Also known as Hawksbill Crag, Whitaker Point Trail will lead you to one of the most scenic spots in all of Arkansas. Look out upon the greenery from on high via the rocky outcrop. Watch your footing; while the rock itself is solid, wet weather can make it slippery!
  • Arkansas Grand Canyon – The deepest canyon in the Ozarks, the Arkansas Grand Canyon offers a unique look at one of the state’s most beloved natural wonders. Take in the colorful sky as you survey miles of land from a single spot.
  • Hemmed-in-Hollow Trail – Located in the Buffalo River Area, Hemmed-in-Hollow Trail leads to the accurately named Hemmed-in-Hollow Falls. The tallest free-falling waterfall in the central United States, let alone Arkansas, it’s truly a bewildering sight. Be sure to bring a camera as it isn’t easy to access off a main road.

Fun and Free Things to Do in Arkansas

Floyd Traylor Honda know that it is important to be able to enjoy life while still keeping a budget. Therefore, we have compiled a list of fun and free things to do in Arkansas. Arkansas is the perfect location for year-round thrifty outings with family or friends.

Nature provides a wonderful opportunity for free outings. Arkansas has abundant resources such as centers like the Arkansas River Valley Nature Center in Fort Smith; Delta Rivers Nature Center in Pine Bluff;  Central Arkansas Nature Center in downtown Little Rock; and Petit Jean State Park, the foundation of the Arkansas park system.

Arkansas has awe-inspiring architecture such as the Thorncrown Chapel, named one of the top four buildings of the 20th century by the American Institute of Architects.

For movie buffs, there is the Gone with the Wind Landmark. There is also the Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art in Bentonville.

The state also has many unique opportunities such as the Photographer’s Island, where you can stand with one foot in Texas and one in Arkansas.  Enjoy a stroll through Eureka Springs, a town known for its Victorian architecture, streets and shops, or take the last public ferryboat in Arkansas, the Peel Ferry across Bull Shoals Lake.

There are many more free and fun options in Arkansas. Floyd Traylor Honda wants you to enjoy all the opportunities that this great state has!