Five Reasons to Bring Back the Sunday Drive

2016 Honda Fit - Fort Smith, AR
Sunday drives can be so peaceful and relaxing. Where are your favorite places to go?

The Sunday Drive was a tradition that began when automobiles were first becoming popular. Back then, people didn’t see them as mere transportation but rather as an adventure. Here are five reasons to bring back the Sunday Drive.

1. Escape from it all

We spend so much of our lives “connected.” As much we enjoy it, sometimes it can be overbearing. The Sunday Drive provides a great opportunity to disconnect and indulge in some quality “me time.”

2. Discover new music

The car is a great place to rock out, especially if you have the 7-speaker 360-Watt system included with the new Honda Accord. Put on your favorite Pandora radio station and enjoy the scenery.

3. Explore local culture and fare

Fort Smith is surrounded by all sorts of unique and beautiful places. The Sunday Drive gives you a great excuse to casually explore these areas without a plan or pressure.

4. Get in some quality family time

We live such busy lives. The Sunday Drive can be a time where we don’t have to be any particular place at any particular time. Instead, we get to focus on what’s important, like family.

5. Focus on vehicle performance and maintenance issues

The Sunday Drive is just that: a drive. Feel free to see it as a time when you can focus on your vehicle, enjoying its performance.

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