Arkansas Razorbacks Remain Optimistic Despite Losses

Despite losing their recent game against Texas A&M, the Arkansas Razorback football team, and particularly their coach Bret Bielema, are trying to stay positive about the season. The past three losses have been learning experiences for the team, and throughout those losses the team has gotten closer to winning every time.

The Texas A&M game was frustrating for many, to the point where many Razorbacks left the field in tears – not necessarily because they were tired of losing, but because they lost despite playing their best game yet. In fact, the Arkansas Razorbacks were in the lead for the vast majority of the game, only falling behind during overtime after the Aggies managed to tie the game in the fourth quarter.

Coach Bielema spoke to the media about the game, stating that despite failures, he is optimistic that the Razorbacks can turn the season around and come back strong. “We corrected a lot of things that we took out of the Texas Tech game and turned them into positives,” he said.

As of right now, a whole lot of little steps are being taken by the Arkanas Razorback football team. The players are hopeful that at some point the small improvements will add up to a big win.

No matter the result, Floyd Traylor Honda is proud to support the Razorbacks!

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