Honda Successfully Delivers the First HondaJet in Europe

Honda is known for their cars and crossovers around the world. However, Honda doesn’t just manufacture these two types of vehicles! In fact, the company just achieved a benchmark in their aerial vehicles.

According to a Honda press release, Honda has successfully delivered their first HondaJet in Europe.

Beginning last December, Honda had successfully delivered several of its HondaJets to areas across North America. In 2016, Honda made it their mission to deliver these jets in Europe as well.

The first of the European HondaJets is set to be distributed by Rheinland Air Service, named the exclusive dealer for the jets in Europe by Honda.

“Delivering the first HondaJet in Europe is a significant milestone in our journey to bring new value to the light jet market,” said Honda Aircraft Company President and CEO Michimasa Fujino. “Our first customers who have made their commitment to fly the HondaJet are taking Honda skyward in a bold way. It has been rewarding to see the joy in their faces as they take delivery of their aircraft.”

Whether it is on the road or in the skies, Honda is paving the way toward better vehicles!

The Best Side Dishes for Barbecues

family cookout - Fort Smith, AR
What’s your favorite side dish to bring for a family barbecue?

We are finally in the month of May, which means that warmer weather is finally here. The best way to celebrate is with a good old-fashioned barbecue! Delicious ribs, mouth-watering pulled pork, and many other recipes await. And what would a barbecue be without some delicious side dishes? Here are some of the best side dishes for barbecues!

Macaroni and Cheese

For a side dish that is nearly as hearty as the barbecue itself, cook up some macaroni and cheese. Choose your favorite noodles and your favorite cheese to really make the recipe your own!

Corn Bread

Savory and full of homemade goodness, there is no bread that can complement a barbecue better than corn bread. Pro tip: add a little maple syrup for a sweeter twist.

Baked Beans

Smothered in sauce and thus smothered in flavor, baked beans are sure to be a hit all across the table!

Cole Slaw

After a healthy helping of barbecue, nothing helps to cool down the palate like a portion of refreshing cole slaw. It is the perfect side dish for any barbecue!


Serving these side dishes at your next barbecue is sure to make the event a hit!