Honda Creates the Clarity Fuel Cell Vehicle

It never ceases to amaze us how many technological innovations were made month after month over the past years. Take, for instance, the auto industry. Electric vehicles are now commonplace and multiple automakers are launching a form of fuel that’s even more impressive: hydrogen.

If you didn’t keep up with news from Los Angeles last month, you might have missed some big news. Not to be left behind by Hyundai and Toyota, Honda has its own hydrogen car, which it showcased at the auto show: the Clarity Fuel Cell Vehicle.

Although a zero-emissions sedan that runs on hydrogen gas sounds like science fiction,

Honda plans to launch the vehicle in the real world (specifically California) in 2016. The details revealed by the automaker suggest the car will have a 300-mile range, fuel in three minutes, and can even power your house for you!

Because of a still-developing infrastructure, the Clarity FCV will be limited to the West Coast for the time being. However, its influence will stretch further into the United States, being the basis for an upcoming electric hybrid to be sold in all 50 states.

Check back with Floyd Traylor Honda for any forthcoming updates related to the Clarity FCV.

Fun and Free Things to Do in Arkansas

Floyd Traylor Honda know that it is important to be able to enjoy life while still keeping a budget. Therefore, we have compiled a list of fun and free things to do in Arkansas. Arkansas is the perfect location for year-round thrifty outings with family or friends.

Nature provides a wonderful opportunity for free outings. Arkansas has abundant resources such as centers like the Arkansas River Valley Nature Center in Fort Smith; Delta Rivers Nature Center in Pine Bluff;  Central Arkansas Nature Center in downtown Little Rock; and Petit Jean State Park, the foundation of the Arkansas park system.

Arkansas has awe-inspiring architecture such as the Thorncrown Chapel, named one of the top four buildings of the 20th century by the American Institute of Architects.

For movie buffs, there is the Gone with the Wind Landmark. There is also the Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art in Bentonville.

The state also has many unique opportunities such as the Photographer’s Island, where you can stand with one foot in Texas and one in Arkansas.  Enjoy a stroll through Eureka Springs, a town known for its Victorian architecture, streets and shops, or take the last public ferryboat in Arkansas, the Peel Ferry across Bull Shoals Lake.

There are many more free and fun options in Arkansas. Floyd Traylor Honda wants you to enjoy all the opportunities that this great state has!